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2016-04-13 20:08:33 考研信息 來源:http://www.mai-h.net 瀏覽:

導讀: 考研復試英語自我介紹范文(三篇)  不同的學校對口語測試有不同的標準和流程。有些制定了非常詳細的標準和流程,甚至規定了每個老師發問的......




  Respected Professors,Good afternoon! I'm great honored to meet you here.考研復試英語自我介紹范文(三篇)

  I'm XXX,26 years old , born in XXX, Province XXX .In the year ofXXX ,I entered University, majoring in Machincal Designing and Producing. During those 4 years'study,I worked hard and I was always active in various activities. I gained the first scholarship for four times and I joined the Communist Party at the college.

  However,with time going on ,the more I experienced, the clearer I realized that I'm really interested in the Enterprise Management .I find many enterprises have the problem of an unmatched management to its developing speed . I'm eager to learn more about management and I hope I can study further in this University.

  So I resigned in August , 2008 and started the way to pursuing my studies. After about half year's hard work, I'm finally standing before your honorable professors now. I'm really excited. Though I've sacrificed much on my way to pusuing studies, I believe it's worthwhile. I believe working hard will finally be prepared. Thank you !


  Good morning, my respected professors! It is my honor to be here for your interview. First, let me introduce myself to your. I am * *, 23, born in Guilin, I am a senior student in the Computer College of Henan Normal University. Now, I am doing my best to obtaining a chance to attend Sichuan University.

  In the past 4 years, most my time has been spent on study or campus activities. I had passed the CET-6 and Software Designer Examination. Our software project got the supported of the College Student Development Foundation. Furthermore, the experience of being monitor in my class and vice director in the Students’ Union helped me know the importance of cooperation and communication.

  As to my characters, I don’t want to use any beautiful word to praise myself. Just like my father, I strive to be an honest, upright and modest man. In my spare time, I like swimming, table tennis and Chinese chess. Also English songs and movies are my favorite.考研復試英語自我介紹范文(三篇)

  Forrest Gump had said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get’. However, I always believe we should cherish our time, and sense any change for self-development, and we will have good prospect.

  Diligence is the mother of success, Efficiency is the only way.

  That is all for my self-introduction, thank you!


  Good morning/afternoon, my dear teachers (my dear professors)。 I am very glad to be here for your interview. My name is ___.I am ___ years old. I come from _______, a very beautiful city. My undergraduate period will be accomplished in _______university in July, 2009. And now, I am trying my best for obtaining a key to ________ University.

  Generally speaking, I am a hard-working student. I will try my best to finish it no matter how difficult it is. When I was sophomore, I found web design very interesting, so I learned it very hard. To weave a homepage for myself, I stayed with my personal computer for half a month, and I am the first one in my class who own his homepage. Furthermore, I am a person with great perseverance. During the days preparing for the first examination, I insist on running every day, no matter what the weather was like. And just owning to this, I could concentrate on my study and succeeded in the end.

  Well, in my spare time, I like basketball, tennis and Chinese chess. Also, English is my favorite. I often go to English corner to practice my oral English on every Thursday, and write compositions to improve my written ability. But I know my English is not good enough, I will continue studying.考研復試英語自我介紹范文(三篇)

  Ok, that‘s all, thank you for your attention.



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